More Details on Movie 13 Distributions: Beasts’ Attacks and Celebi Download

More CoroCoro scans have surfaced, revealing all of the attacks and held-items for the three shiny Legendary Beasts that players will have the opportunity to download when preordering tickets for The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. Entei will come with Flare Blitz, Crush Claw, Howl, and Extremespeed while holding a Custap Berry; Raikou will know Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Weather Ball, and Extremespeed and will come with a Micle Berry; Suicune’s attacks will be Sheer Cold, Aqua Ring, Weather Ball Air Slash, and Extremespeed and it will hold a Rowap Berry. All of them are at Level 50.

Additionally, the scans revealed the expected news that players will be able to download a fateful-encounter Celebi at movie theaters. Celebi knows Nasty Plot, Leaf Storm, Recover, and Healing Wish, is holding a Jaboca Berry, is inside a Cherish Ball, and is at Level 50. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, having the Celebi in your party will activate an event in Ilex Forest where it will take you back in time to battle Giovanni of Team Rocket.

As stated last month, players will only be able to download one of the three Legendary Beasts per ticket (they take your cartridge and download the Pokemon you choose directly to it). The downloads will only be available at select locations, such as Pokemon Centers, between June 18th and August 31st. You will have to preorder your ticket before July 10th, the day the film is released, to qualify for the download. Celebi’s download will take place from the day the movie is in theaters until September 30th. Anyone with a cartridge can download the Time Travel Pokemon since the process is wireless.

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