New Pokemon Revealed: Zorua, Zoroark

Sorry for the unusually late update. I fell asleep after the fan art story yesterday and just woke up now. It’s because of how late I stayed up the previous night waiting for those Revived Legends scans. :p

New 5th Generation Pokemon Zorua and Zoroark

The March issue of CoroCoro magazine has been leaked on to the Internet, revealing the identity of the Pokemon silhouette from Pokemon Sunday along with its pre-evolution. The silhouette is a Pokemon named “Zoroark.” It is the “Z” from the 13th movie’s title, The Ruler of Illusion: Z, which has now been updated to include the Pokemon’s name – The Ruler of Illusion: Zoroark. The Pokemon is a Dark-type and is classified as the “Monster Fox Pokemon,” with a height of 5.2 feet and a weight of 179 pounds. Apparently Zoroark can stand on all fours as well as just its hind legs. As posted before, Zoroark holds the key to the movie. Its pre-evolution, “Zorua,” is a Dark-type as well and is called the “Evil Fox Pokemon.” It is 2.3 feet tall and weighs 28 pounds.

Oddly, the name of Zorua is spelled as “Zoroa” in the Japanese katakana on each page, but is romanized as “Zorua” for the official English spelling. It is also interesting to note that in both CoroCoro scans, there is a discrepancy in the color of the Pokemon’s eyes. In the Ken Sugimori artwork, they’re depicted as green, but in the anime artwork, which will probably be used as a reference for the movie, they’re blue. Zoroark’s ponytail “tie” also varies between green and blue. Either way, their designs are pretty cool, though I think Xous’ fan art was just as awesome. :p

Update (11:30 AM) – Yaminokame has translated CoroCoro‘s commentary, and we’ve included what we think is important in this paragraph (since most of it is just unimportant hyping). They state, “It seems like something is after Celebi! Celebi is a hair away from danger!! Who is Celebi being chased by in the forest!?” Considering they say “hair,” they’re obviously telling us Zoroark is after Celebi. The first teaser trailer showed us something was chasing Celebi, and Zoroark’s claw slashing even formed the animation for the “Z” in the movie’s title. The magazine also states Zoroark and Zorua are in a huge rage, though for what reason we do not know why. As for Zoroark’s Pokemon ability, CoroCoro goes out of its way to mention it but purposefully hide it, suggesting it will be important to the movie. They ask us, “What could the relation between Zoroark and the Ruler of Illusions be…!? Is there a secret in its ability!?” As of right now, the magazine is not officially linking Zoroark to whoever the “Ruler of Illusions” is, but since they mention it has a special ability, we can probably assume the ability is related to illusions and that Zoroark is in fact the “Ruler of Illusions,” as the title of the movie suggests. After all, the magazine says Zoroark holds the key to the movie.

Update (2:30 PM) – The CoroCoro page also mentions that a new method of evolution may be involved for evolving Zorua into Zoroark. The page asks, “Could we see a new method of evolution!?” Thanks goes to DorianBlack for catching this overlooked detail. What could it mean?

We may get some new information on the February 21st Pokemon Sunday episode, but if not, CoroCoro promises to reveal more about the new Pokemon in their next issue, such as their abilities. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

New 5th Generation Pokemon Revealed in CoroCoro as Zoroark and Zorua New 5th Generation Pokemon Revealed in CoroCoro as Zorua and Zoroark