Movie 13 – ‘The Ruler of Illusion: Z’

Update #2 (8:30 AM, Friday): The movie website has updated with the trailer, downloadable wallpaper, and the movie poster. | Update (3:00 PM): Added movie poster below thanks to Heerosferret.

The movie 13 trailer just aired in Japan – the title of the film is “The Ruler of Illusion: Z.” The movie will debut in theaters on July 10th in Japan. The trailer shows Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and Celebi. After showing the legendaries, we see Ash with a surprised expression, and the camera pans to another Ash grinning evilly. Could “Z” be the first letter of a new Pokemon’s name? Who knows! Thanks go to Heerosferret for the translation and uploading the trailer literally seconds after it aired! Expect a higher-quality trailer tomorrow on the official movie website.

Pokemon Movie 13 - The Ruler of Illusion: Z