Platinum Series Collection Box

This is actually news I should have posted last month, but for some reason it slipped through the cracks and I forgot about it.

A “Platinum Series Collection Box” is available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart and features five Platinum-series booster packs (one Platinum, one Rising Rivals, one Supreme Victors, two Arceus), a Pokemon Official Magazine, an Arceus set poster, an Arceus figurine, and three holo cards (Dialga DP Promo #26, Palkia DP Promo #27, and a holo version of the rare Giratina #28 from Platinum). It costs about $20. The Arceus figurine is the same one that Japanese players could receive if they preordered both HeartGold and SoulSilver and the same one that Gamestop gave away last Black Friday to those who bought Platinum version. Click the thumbnails below for larger images, courtesy of Volmise.

Platinum Series Collection Box Platinum Series Collection Box (Back) Platinum Series Collection Box - Pokemon Official Magazine