More Specifics of Pokemon A and Pokemon B

Photo of Movie 13 Merchandise - New Pokemon?

Thanks to Salmon Nap from our forums and Heerosferret, we have discovered that the advertisement posted yesterday does not confirm a new Pokemon in the way we thought. The “New Pokemon Plush” title used for the Pokemon A question mark is actually the name of a new TOMY plush line. The reason for the confusion was that for the past four years all TOMY plushes have been released under the “Pokemon Plush DP” product line, so we assumed “New Pokemon” meant that it was a new Pokemon, not part of a new product line that is conveniently named “New Pokemon Plush.” Without knowing that there is a plush series called “New Pokemon Plush,” the wording does in fact mean what we originally thought. But TOMY recently created the product line, which includes Pokemon such as the pictured Jirachi, Manaphy, and Togekiss. Pokemon B is from the “Pokemon Plush DP” line, which is still seeing new releases and is not, despite the name, restricted to Diamond and Pearl Pokemon.

As stated yesterday, Pokemon A and Pokemon B are confirmed to be Pokemon that will be in the movie. In the past, the hidden product Pokemon have always either been Pokemon we know are in the movie (Notched-Ear Pichu) or “new” Pokemon (Shaymin Sky Forme, Arceus). Pokemon A is usually the “new” Pokemon while B is something we already knew was in the movie. As Tangrowth has been featured on Pokemon movie 13 posters, we can probably assume it’s Pokemon B, though that’s obviously debatable since this is only speculation. Ho-Oh, Lugia, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou have already been released as plushes while Celebi’s will be coming out soon. If history repeats itself, Pokemon A could be a new or unexpected Pokemon. Why else hide it, especially when all known Pokemon in the movie have been revealed as plushes (with Tangrowth possibly being Pokemon B)? Remember, the February 15th issue of CoroCoro is set to reveal a “surprising” Pokemon that will be in The Ruler of Illusion: Z. Could it be Pokemon A?