Pokemon League ‘Rival Season’ Promo Scans: Uxie, Snorlax

Over the next five weeks at Pokemon League you can earn up to four Uxie and four Snorlax cards if you play and win enough TCG and video game battles. As announced earlier this month, this year’s Pokemon League will feature two promo card prizes per season (or about every five weeks – there are eight different seasons). Both cards are reprints from existing sets, but with a special holofoil pattern. One promo is a staple that many competitive players need in their decks while the other is merely a collectible card with little to no deck value. Special DS skins will also be awarded every other season.

You can see scans of this season’s promo cards below thanks to Shakespeare and Trevor from Plymouth, Indiana’s Pokemon League. Each card features a special reverse holofoil “stitch” pattern with an underlying Pokemon Organized Play Poke Ball watermark. The cards do not feature special promo numbering – they retain their original set numbers. This is probably so they can easily be rotated out of the format when their sets expire.

Uxie from Legends Awakened (#43, Pokemon League Promo) Snorlax from Rising Rivals (#33, Pokemon League Promo)