New ‘Pokemon 151’ T-Shirts: Ho-Oh, Lugia

Pokemon 151” is a brand of t-shirts specifically targeted to older Pokemon fans. Its official website announced last December in a brief statement that after only six months of business, the website would be shutting down, leading many to believe that the t-shirts had been discontinued. However, new designs continued to be released at Pokemon Centers immediately following the announcement and continued to be even months after. Obviously, the brand is still alive and the original announcement only applied to the website selling them, not the actual product.

This month, not only were two new designs released, but they actually feature Pokemon outside the original 151 – Ho-Oh and Lugia, obviously in celebration of HeartGold and SoulSilver. The designs are below. The shirts can only be purchased at Pokemon Centers in Japan and retail for about $50.

Ho-Oh and Lugia Pokemon 151 T-Shirts