Part Three of 12th Movie Summary

As usual, thanks goes to the amazing Xous for drawing the Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and Ho-Oh in the banner! If you can’t see Ho-Oh it’s because you have a lower screen resolution.

The official Pokemon movie website has posted the third part of the Arceus: Toward a Conquered Time and Space summary. Bangiras has translated it below. If you haven’t read the previous summaries, you can check them out here: Time-Traveling to the Past Tid-Bit, Part 2 Summary, Part 1 Summary.

Remember, Heerosferret and I will be seeing this movie on its opening day in Japan and will post a summary right after the first showing! This definitely sounds like it’s going to be an exciting movie!

Arceus came to take the Life Jewel. However, Damos used his Pokemon to attack Arceus. Damos did not return the Life Jewel, but in fact betrayed Arceus. After that, much later, Arceus awoke from its sleep. “The time for judgment is here!” Arceus shot orbs of Judgment across the town.

Fierce explosions and and smoke engulfed the town of Michiina. “I’m returning this to you,” Damos’ descendant Sheena said while holding out the Life Jewel before Arceus. However, Arceus shouted “This is fake!” and stomped on it, crushing it.

“I shall not be deceived by you humans again!” said Arceus, firing shock waves at Sheena. However, in the next instant, space split open and Dialga and Palkia appeared, blocking the shock waves. Sheena and Ash were knocked over by the blast…

What will be the outcome of this battle between “God” Pokemon? It’s the first Pokemon movie time skip adventure! Come see the surprise finale of the trilogy!