Last Weekend’s ‘Video Game Showdown’ in Seattle

The first of the Pokemon Video Game Showdown tournaments took place this past Saturday in Seattle, Washington (the headquarters of PUSA / TPCi). A general report of the event has been posted on the official Go-Pokemon website. As usual, the final Senior and Junior matches have been posted on YouTube, which you can watch below.

When you register at the tournament, you will receive a Pokemon wrist band based on your position in line. For example, if you are the first person in line, you get Bulbasaur, and if you are the 152nd person in line, you get Chikorita. Random drawings then take place, and if your Pokemon’s PokeDex number is selected, you’re in! Apparently the tournament in Seattle didn’t even get all the way through the Gold and Silver Pokemon, which means, at most, 250 people showed up to play. So you’re chances of getting in are definitely NOT impossible, as 128 / 250 spots is about a 50% chance. Of course, the number of people attending could jump drastically at the next few tournaments, so you never know. The next tournament takes place this Saturday in San Francisco.