‘Rising Rivals’ Card List and All Scans

Sorry for the downtime today. Apparently, something blew-up at the place where the server is hosted, which prevented it from connecting to the Internet.

The Rising Rivals card list is now up. If anyone has Mismagius GL and Gallade 4 LV.X, we could use new scans of them! If you have the cards, please scan them at 300 DPI and e-mail them to wpm at pokebeach dot com. Thanks go to Valerie, mzele71, Picklelicker129, Dylan, David V., Matt, Ice Espeon, Amt, Leafy101, Medaforcer, GL Mo, Secretsof2113, blackraven1425, AceBlade258, Andrew, AceBlade258, and Torterra Chips for contributing scans!