New “LV.X Pokemon Card Collection Packs” Info

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LV.X Pokemon Card Collection Packs - Shaymin LV.X, Mewtwo LV.X, Regigigas LV.X

The LV.X Pokemon Card Collection Packs we posted about a few weeks ago have now been announced on the Pokemon Card website.

As reported last time, there will be three packs featuring Shaymin LV.X, Mewtwo LV.X, and Regigigas LV.X with their American tin artwork. The artwork was never used on any Japanese card before, making the cards exclusive to countries who sold the tins… until now.

Each of the packs contains twelve cards, six of which are holo. Spare the LV.X cards, each card was originally introduced as a promo card in Japan. However, the cards are not numbered with their original promo numbers; instead, each is numbered as if it is out of a set, such as Time-Space Distortion being card #12/12 in the Shaymin LV.X pack. The purpose of re-releasing these cards is so players from Japan can use the cards in their decks, not so collectors can have an easy way of picking up promos.

Cards in each of these mini-sets has a prefix which represents “Platinum” and either “Shaymin,” “Mewtwo,” or “Regigigas.” These prefixes are: PtS, PtM, and PtR. For example, Mewtwo LV.X is numbered PtM 6.

Each pack will cost 500 yen (a little over five bucks) and will be released on April 18th in Japan. What an absolutely cheap price for six holos! All of the cards, as listed below, have already been released in America through tins, main sets, and POP sets. Unless you need a few of these cards for your decks, there really is not much use for them. Thanks goes to Bangiras for compiling the set lists below! Cards with a * after their name are holo while the original promo sets the cards were in are in parenthesis.

Shaymin LV.X Pack – 1 Combee (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 2 Yanmega* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 3 Shaymin LV.X*, 4 Chimchar (Players Promos series 5), 5 Glaceon* (Winter Challenge), 6 Palkia (Player’s Promos series 5), 7 Pikachu (Collection Challenge), 8 Raichu (Collection Challenge), 9 Stunky (Meiji Chocosnack series m8), 10 Probopass* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 11 Eevee* (Sales Campaign), 12 Time-Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)

Mewtwo LV.X Pack – 1 Burmy Sand Coat (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 2 Piplup (Players Promos series 5), 3 Buizel (Collection Challenge), 4 Luxray* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 5 Pachirisu (Collection Challenge), 6 Mewtwo LV.X*, 7 Dusknoir* (Battle Road/Pokemon Challenge Place), 8 Riolu* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 9 Lucario* (Battle Roads), 10 Dialga (Players Promos series 5), 11 Munchlax (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 12 Time-Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)

Regigigas LV.X – 1 Turtwig (Players Promos series 5), 2 Leafeon* (Winter Challenge), 3 Heatran* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 4 Shellos East Sea* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 5 Phione (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 6 Manaphy (Player’s Promos series 5), 7 Chingling (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 8 Cresselia* (Sales Campaign), 9 Buneary (Collection Challenge), 10 Lopunny (Collection Challenge), 11 Regigigas LV.X*, 12 Time Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)