Next English Set: “Rising Rivals”

Update (5 PM): Added theme deck images and better-quality booster pack images.

Finals are over!!

Rising Rivals

The official Pokemon TCG website has revealed that the next English set is named Rising Rivals and that it will be released in stores May 20th. Judging by the number of cards in the set (111), we can safely say that it will be completely comprised of cards from Bonds to the End of Time and its theme decks (since there are 111 unique cards in them). The three classic reprints, Pikachu, will most likely be cards #112-114.

Gallade 4 LV.X retains the Japanese kanji for “4” after its name, “四.” Instead of changing it to “4,” they left it in Japanese. When you write out the card name or refer to it, you will have to call it “Gallade 4 LV.X.” Of course, you could also show off your Japanese skills and say “Gallade Yon LV.X.” The four, of course, stands for “Elite Four.” “GL” stands for “Gym Leader.”

The set’s booster packs feature Rotom, Houndoom, Scizor, and Leafeon while the theme decks (named “Cutting Edge” and “Drill Point”) contain Gallade 4 and Rhyperior 4. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. The press release for the set is below the images as well.

Floatzel GL from Rising Rivals (#4) Steelix GL from Rising Rivals (#51) Gallade 4 LV.X from Rising Rivals (#106) Rising Rivals Booster Packs Rising Rivals Theme Decks

A Rivalry is Born!

The Pokémon TCG: Platinum – Rising Rivals expansion brings powerful Trainers and amazing Pokémon together in new and exciting ways, pitting Trainer against Trainer and Pokémon against Pokémon in battles that are sure to raise players to the top of their games! This latest installment of the best-selling Pokémon TCG contains more than 110 cards and features new Pokémon SP and new Pokémon LV.X including Luxray and Gallade, while the Plasma Pokémon Rotom can now be collected in five different forms!

Loaded with the latest Trainer cards, new game play options, and some of the most awesome Pokémon ever, Platinum – Rising Rivals lets you ascend to the level of the Elite Four and discover the elite Trainer in yourself!

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  • Collect five different forms for Rotom