12th Movie Website Updated: Part 1 Summary and Character Bios

The official Pokemon Movie website has just updated with a summary for the first part of Arceus: Space-Time Conquered as well as character bios for the male and female characters shown in the movie poster. Heerosferret has translated the gist of the information below. The character bios will be added to this update later today.

Arceus: Space-Time Conquered

Ash and friends arrive in a town called Michiina to see its landmark ancient ruins. Next to some of the ruins is a beautiful lake. Suddenly, a wave emerges and chases our heroes, forming into a water funnel that surrounds and engulfs them. From within, a girl’s voice yells, “Dialga, I beg you!” Dialga appears. [The summary doesn’t say what happens to Dialga, but it implies that the funnel dissipates, which means Dialga probably leaves.]

The girl is named Sheena and she protects the ruins. She can also read the hearts of Pokemon. She invites Ash and friends to the ruins and explains to them a “Time and Space Law” and how Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina relate to this law. She also talks about an old myth of Michiina. The myth states that Arceus created all things and in the ancient past saved all Pokemon from a meteor…

Could the solar eclipse have something to do with this meteor? Could the lake be the meteorite’s leftover crater? Probably not! But speculation is what Pokemon is all about!

Arceus’ character bio mentions the number “16” in it. Is it talking about the 16 plates that can be attached to Arceus to change its type? We’ll find out when Heerosferret translates those bios!