New 12th Movie Trailer has uploaded a new trailer of the 12th movie, Arceus: Space-Time Conquered, which aired on a Japanese TV show called Oha Suta. The same trailer just aired on television in Japan as well and will likely be shown on the Pokemon Movie website tomorrow. According to Heerosferret, the airing of the trailer today revealed that the two movie characters will be identified on the website tomorrow or this weekend.

Bangiras has translated the audio in the trailer. The narrator explains, “After a struggle, Ash and friends arrive at a city left over from ancient times… The destructive battle of the Pokemon called gods.” The male movie character is introduced, worried that “If this continues, the whole world will–!” The narrator introduces the Alpha Pokemon, stating, “Finally the illusionary Pokemon Arceus is awakened by its rage!” After Arceus awakens, a girl is seen praying, exclaiming, “It will be conquered! The laws of time and space!” Upon her prayer Arceus uses its signature attack – Judgement.

When the movie logo appears at the end of the trailer, 16 glowing objects circulate for a split second and then turn into Arceus’ name. These are obviously the 16 plates that can be attached to Arceus to change its type, which means the plates may have a prominent role in the film. Perhaps one of these plates is what the male movie character is holding in his hand in the movie poster?

What’s going to happen? It looks like Arceus is going to kick some blue and pink heinie. But we’ll see! Heerosferret and I will be seeing the first screening of the movie in Japan this July, so we’ll be bringing you early information!