All Platinum Scans!

All 133 Platinum scans are now up! Thanks everyone for sending them in! We could still use the “real” scans of Shaymin Sky Forme and Dialga G though, so if anyone can send those in that would be great! In a few weeks, all of the scans will be replaced by Shakespeare’s high quality scans, so please bear with the lower quality of a few of them for now.

I’d also like to announce that Redshark‘s Platinum release will come with Mac compatibility. However, it won’t be released for another week or so. Now you Mac users and Windows users with Mac friends have something to look forward to! :)

Because this was a busy school week and I missed a lot of news stories, I’ll post them either later tonight or tomorrow. This week I also have more midterms and projects due, but I have my repaired laptop now, so I should be able to update just as often as before.