‘Platinum’ Set List and 130+ Scans

Update #8: Drapion LV.X and shiny Vulpix uploaded thanks to ApachePrime, Nemenku and her children, Trent E., David V., and Gina G.
Update #7: Weavile G, Shaymin (Sky Forme) LV.X, Scyther, and Dialga added thanks to D-Koolest and Zephilim. Only missing Drapion LV.X and shiny Vulpix.
Update #6: Gardevoir added thanks to Charizard87. We are just missing Weavile G, Drapion LV.X, Shaymin (Sky Forme) LV.X, and Scyther. COME ON YOU FUELS! SEND THEM IN!! :D
Update #5: Dialga G LV.X, Palkia G LV.X, Rampardos, and Memory Berry added thanks to “Captain Random.”
Update #4: Three more scans added thanks to “Dave” and his son. They also sent in an error reverse holo Dialga card, which is Colorless instead of Metal. The regular version of the card is Metal, so this seems to only be a reverse holo error like a few other cards in the past.
Update #3: Added shiny Swablu thanks to Kirbypopstarhero.
Update #2 Added 6 new scans thanks to “Matt.”
Update #1: Added 11 new scans, including holo Dialga #5, thanks to “Poochyena.” Also fixed some errors in the set list.

The Platinum set list is now up. We currently have 99 scans, so if you have any of the cards we are missing (which are in black), please scan them at 300 DPI and send them to [email protected]. Thank you! I’ll constantly update this story as we receive scans.