DP110 to DP114 Preview Summaries

Heerosferret has translated episode summaries for DP110 to DP114. The episodes span from Canalave City, to Iron Island, to an animé-exclusive town called “Akebi Town.” The town is named after a Japanese fruit.

DP110: Riley and Lucario – 1/15
Ash and friends go to Iron Island after a call from Jun [the blond D/P rival]. He needs help with his Empoleon and some other Pokemon who’ve begun to violently act out. They go to help him and find all Steel-type Pokemon going crazy, and fighting amongst themselves…

DP111: The Historic Ruins of Iron Island – 1/22
Riley comes to help the kids after they are attacked by the crazy Steel-Type Pokemon. Riley is an Aura User, with the same Aura ability as his partner Lucario. With Riley’s special talent to help, they find an odd wave is causing the Pokemon to react violently and that it must be stopped.

DP112: The Pikachu-Piplup Odyssey! – 1/29
Ash and friends get on a boat headed for Akebi Town, but Pikachu and Piplup are stolen by Team Rocket! When they run away they end up on a deserted island. Can they safely get back to Ash? [No, they cannot. They are lost forever. The show ends.]

DP113: The Mischievous Phione! – 2/15
Dawn has come to Akebi Town to enter a contest. They find out that if you see the Ocean Pokemon Phione it will bring you good luck, and so many people have headed to the beach to try. Naturally, Dawn and friends quickly join in on the “Phione Watching!”

DP???: Froslass in a Blizzard! – ?/??