Honchkrow G from “Platinum” and Prerelease Sleeve and Promo

Honchkrow G from Platinum has been revealed, as have the set’s prerelease promo, Lucario, and the prerelease sleeve featuring Giratina Origin Forme. Click the thumbnail of Honchkrow below for a larger card image.

It appears as if the Galactic Pokemon in this set will have gray and yellow borders, a fusion between the American yellow card borders and the Japanese gray borders. This is the first time an American set has changed the classic yellow color.

Remember, prereleases for Platinum take place the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February. As usual, we should have early scans of the American cards the week before prereleases! Until then, check out the movie 11 cards from Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (like Shaymin and Giratina) and all the cards from Galactic’s Conquest to see what will be in our English set.

Honchkrow G from Platinum (#77) Lucario Prerelease Promo from Platinum Giratina Origin Forme Prerelease Sleeve from Platinum