Next Japanese TCG Set – “The Pulse of the Frontier”

The next Japanese TCG set is named “The Pulse of the Frontier” and will hit shelves on March 6th in Japan. The set is themed after Pokemon Platinum‘s Battle Frontier, the name referring to either a rhythm or beat. Booster packs will retail for 315 yen, as usual.

The set’s theme deck, consisting of two 30-card decks, is named “Garchomp vs. Charizard” and will obviously feature the two Pokemon as holographic cards. Both Charizard and Garchomp will also be Pokemon-SP (probably LV.X’s too). The theme deck will cost 1,500 yen.

This set will continue with owned, Basic Pokemon (Pokemon-SP), just as Pokemon from Galactic’s Conquest and Bonds to the End of Time. Will the Battle Frontier Brains own many of the Pokemon in this set? Probably, but we’ll find out for sure soon!