Exciting ‘Bonds to the End of Time’ News

We now have new information regarding Bonds to the End of Time, the next Japanese set that will be released in Japan on December 26th. Thanks go to Bangiras for translating the news and ToysRUsKid for assisting with the information!

  • This is our “Gym Leader / Elite Four” Pokemon set.
  • The main set will feature Gym Leader Pokemon-SP, as we previously predicted. They will have “GL” in their names for “Gym Leader,” like “G” for “Galactic” in Galactic’s Conquest.
  • There are 5 LV.X Pokemon in the main set.
  • All five of Rotom’s forms will be featured on a card.
  • Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, and an unknown Pikachu (Birthday Pikachu?) are the classic reprints.
  • The “Gallade vs. Infernape” 30-card theme decks feature Elite Four Pokemon.
  • Expect Infernape LV.X and Gallade LV.X in the above theme decks (not confirmed as LV.X’s, but known to be in the decks). They could be named Infernape E4 LV.X and Gallade E4 LV.X, though this is just speculation.