‘Bonds to the End of Time’ Product Images

We have obtained product images of Bonds to the End of Time, the next Japanese set to be released on December 26th. Click all of the images below for larger pictures.

Bonds to the End of Time Booster Pack Infernape vs. Gallade Bonds to the End of Time Theme Deck Bonds to the End of Time Promo Blister Pack

The first image above is of the set’s booster pack. You can clearly see the main Pokemon of each Pokemon Platinum Gym Leader, such as Rampardos, Roserade, Floatzel, Mismagius, Lucario, Froslass, and Luxray. This set is obviously focusing on the Gym Leaders, like Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge did for Kanto’s Gym Leaders. (Gym Heroes was released in Japan in October 1998, so maybe this new set is in honor of the ten-year anniversary.)

The two 30-card theme decks, which focus on the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, feature Infernape __ LV.X and Gallade ___ LV.X. On Infernape, there is something between the Pokemon’s name and LV.X, so it will probably be “E4” or perhaps even “E” (like Infernape E4 LV.X or Gallade E LV.X). Infernape also has an icon for Flint while Gallade has one for Lucian, showing who they are owned by. Images of the other Elite Four members are displayed on the product packaging as well, so the theme decks won’t just contain Flint or Lucian’s Pokemon.

The final image is of the set’s blister pack that we reported about a while ago. Fantina can be seen on the promo Mismagius GL LV.X, while Cyrus is on Electrode G, perhaps confirming the return of Team Galactic Pokemon-SP in the main set.