Some ‘DPt Entry Pack DX’ Translations

Bangiras has translated several cards from the upcoming DPt Entry Pack (click that link to view the translations). It is set for release in Japan this Friday along with Galactic’s Conquest. Images of the cards can be seen by clicking here. Remember those card illustrations that were on display at Worlds? Now we know where some of them belong!

Torterra from DPt Entry Pack DX

Out of all the cards, I would say Torterra is the “best,” followed by Infernape. Its first attack for [GCC] does 40 damage plus 10 more for each Grass you have in play (similar to Leafeon LV.X’s Verdant Dance). Torterra combo’d with Sceptile from Great Encounters and Leafeon LV.X or Shaymin LV.X allows you to dish out some serious damage. Just having two Grass Energy on Torterra, meaning four with Sceptile’s Body, spits out a solid 80 damage. If you have six Grass Energy in play along with Sceptile’s Body (=12 Grass), you’re doing a pure 160 damage with that first attack. Torterra also has 140 HP, so it can take more blows than the average Pokemon. (Though Leafeon LV.X is almost identical when starring as a main attacker, Torterra has more HP and is a little easier to get out. You also aren’t only limited to having two in your deck, like with the Eeveelution.) Leafeon LV.X allows you to attach an additional Grass Energy per turn, though with Shaymin LV.X, you can attach several in only one turn, perform damage at the same time, and increase your Grass Pokemon’s HP by 40 (plus, Shaymin is a Basic Pokemon, so it’s easier to get out than Leafeon). Shaymin LV.X would give you a 180 HP Torterra, which can deal 160 damage with only six Grass in play. What a monster! Miasma Valley, which does 20 damage to Basic Pokemon each player plays that is not a Grass or Psychic type, can also help in this deck. Grass is definitely going to be the popular type once cards like this and Shaymin LV.X come out, though Leafeon LV.X is already beginning to help its reputation now. Maybe this deck should be called “Torterriblast,” since the first attack is named “Green Blast?” This is going to be the deck I play later on this season, unless a better Water-type deck comes along! :D

Infernape is an okay card, though risky in that you cannot do consistent damage without a decent amount of Fire energy in play (unless you have insane luck). It does 80 times the number of Fire Energy you choose to discard from your Pokemon, though you have to flip heads for each you discard to perform the damage. So if you discard three, you would probably do 160 damage (assuming the heads are in your favor, 2 out of the 3 times). If you have moderate luck, you might be able to get two heads with two discarded Fire Energy for 160 damage. Torterra is undoubtedly more reliable, though, as are previous Infernape cards.

Lucario is slightly note-worthy (not in terms of its power), since its attack name is “Do the Wave” like Jungle Wigglytuff. Unfortunately, it only does 70 damage, and only if you have five Pokemon on your Bench. While Wigglytuff was much more powerful during the “classic era” because of most Pokemon having much lower HP, Lucario now has to contend with 130 HP monsters. It’ll probably only see play in prereleases as a result. This card sure shows how the times have changed…

As usual, we will have early scans of Galactic’s Conquest a couple of days before its official release date (and for the new Entry Pack as well). Most likely, you can check back here tomorrow or the day after for scans and translations! At the latest, we will have information a day or two before the release date.