Thanks for the B-Day Wishes :D

EDIT #2: Awww, thanks Bangiras. :D You could have changed the username though so people wouldn’t think it was me posting about myself. XD

EDIT: Whaaaaattt, who posted that update from yesterday? I didn’t even see that until now! XD Thank you mysterious person who used my emergency password to go into my account. Was it you, Bangiras? Chairman Kaga? What a surprise! That would explain how everyone knew it was my birthday. Too bad I didn’t see the post until now, which sort of defeats the purpose. :p

This is a post about me and school, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. ;)

WPM's 20th Birthday Poke Ball Cake :D

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday! I’d individually reply to all of your forum posts, e-mails, PMs, and IMs, but by the time I’d be done it’d be my 21st birthday. :D It was very nice that you all thought about me and took the time to say something. I had an okay day, despite this being the first birthday without my grandma. Some of my high school friends took me out to lunch, and some of my college friends even made me a Poke Ball cake (pictured to the right). Too bad I can’t touch it yet because of the metal in my mouth from when I got my tooth bashed in – I am craving it so badly. :( I have to stay at my dorm this weekend to finish a research paper, so my family is coming to celebrate my birthday on Sunday.

Sorry for the slower updates these past two weeks. Japanese is taking up so much time… the course is extremely intense. We’re already supposed to know the entire Katakana alphabet by Monday, and then the Hiragana alphabet by the middle of the week after next. I can already read parts of Pokemon cards, like the names and attack names. By the time I am through with this course, I will probably be able to translate like Bangiras. :D On top of all that, I am also taking Linguistics, which requires me to learn an entirely new alphabet as well (called the International Phonetic Alphabet). Eye yi yi, Lucy.

I decided last night I want to be a Film major after thinking about it for like the past three years. I am taking a Film class, and everything is just so easy for me. I met with my Film professor and she said I should get an internship if I want to get “involved” in the industry. I called my cousin who works on Pushing Daisies and Dexter and she said she would try to get me one for the summer at one of the big studios, so that’s what I am thinking about doing [I’ll probably have to buy an iPhone or something so I can secretly update this site while working ;)]. I also want to be a Law or Psychology major, so we’ll see what happens.

Hmm, so I am taking Film and Japanese. I live near Los Angeles and Hollywood and have small connections to people in the industry. I also plan on working in the actual industry one day. I am a rabid Pokemon fan and know several Pokemon officials, both Japanese and American. What oh what could this all lead up to? Hopefully my wish comes true one day! :D