Pokemon TCG Deck List Program

Pokemon TCG Deck List Program, by SteveP

SteveP, a long-time member of the TCG community, has created a Pokemon TCG deck list program that allows you to generate your own deck lists for Pokemon Organized Play events. You will never need to write-out one of those deck lists ever again, and you will never make a single error as you can when writing-out deck lists if you use the program correctly! It is ingenious and beautifully designed, especially when you use the full-blown version. Click the thumbnail to the right for a sample screenshot.

Since the program uses a ton of our scans, SteveP has offered it to us to host here. You can go to the program’s page by clicking here (for future access, it is under “T.C.G.” in the left menu). The page will be updated when a new version is released, and we will notify you on the main page if any of the updates are major upgrades.