DP108 Episode Title

DP108: Riley and Lucario

DP108’s episode title has been revealed ahead of time: “Riley and Lucario!” The front page of the episode’s script was posted on Yuu Mizushima’s blog, the man who will be providing the voice for Riley in the episode (his post is translated below, thanks to Heerosferret). Since the anime will be airing DP100 this Thursday in Japan, DP108 probably won’t air for another two months.

In the video games, Riley resides on Iron Island and gives you a Riolu egg. He looks very similar to Sir Aaron from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Will he possibly give Ash and crew a Riolu egg? Don’t hold your breath!

I’ve returned from my role as a guest on Pokemon! And wow! It was a HUMAN role! And – a good-looking guy!!! They’ve only ever called me in to do non-human voices before… It’s episode 108, and his name is Riley! Please look forward to it!