All ‘Stormfront’ Scans!

Posting live from a prerelease!

Charmeleon and Charizard are confirmed for Stormfront. We had two Charmander, one Charmeleon, and one Charizard pulled out of seven boxes, which means the average for pulling one of the three cards is about one out of every two boxes (for our prerelease, at least). Other prereleases reported that they opened one per box. Who knows how rare they are? There are also conflicting reports on how rare the shiny cards are.

As predicted, Charizard’s original Pokemon Power has been updated to a Poke-Body. Its attack now says “Energy” instead of “Energy cards,” too. Its PokeDex entry, as with its pre-evolutions, is not the same as the original cards. They use FireRed‘s PokeDex entries instead.

I forgot to bring my camera with me to the prerelease, but Chairman Kaga, one of our forum mods, snapped some pictures of the cards (and others we are missing). You can see them below, obviously (click the thumbnails for larger images). If you attended a prerelease today and received any of the cards we are missing (including reverse holo cards we have, which need to be replaced), we would appreciate you sending us large scans of them!

Gyarados from Stormfront (#19)Dusknoir LV.X from Stormfront (#96)Machamp LV.X from Stormfront (#98)Charmeleon from Stormfront (#102)Charizard from Stormfront (#103)