Next English TCG Set Name

We have exclusively learned that the next English TCG set is named Stormfront. This is the first set under the Diamond and Pearl block to not be composed of two words. The set hits store shelves November 5th, and its prereleases will take place October 25th and 26th and November 1st and 2nd.

There are two Japanese sets that we could receive as this set – Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (IFDS) and Galactic’s Conquest (which is not even out in Japan yet). Our English set will most likely be Japan’s IFDS set, since Giratina is shown in one of the set’s Japanese T.V. commercials creating a black vortex and causing a sort of “storm” in front of wild Pokemon.

However, cards like Shaymin and Shaymin LV.X will probably be removed and thrown into our February set, since it will be closer to the 11th movie’s DVD release date (the movie features Shaymin; the TCG and the movies often play off of each other). The same situation occurred last year, where Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai LV.X were delayed until the release of Great Encounters because of its proximity to the release of The Rise of Darkrai. In the past, Pokemon USA would hold off entire sets featuring Pokemon from an upcoming movie (like EX Legend Maker, which was released during the Delta-species block when it should have been released before). But like last year, they simply removed the movie stars from the set and delayed them instead of the entire set. This will more than likely occur again this year.