‘CoroCoro Special’ Scans: Rotom Form Hint

EDIT (2:30 AM): These scans actually come from CoroCoro Special, not the main CoroCoro magazine. Story edited.

We have received a few scans of the latest issue of CoroCoro Special by a Japanese reader of this site, which is basically a bimonthly magazine released by CoroCoro. According to Bangiras, no new information is stated in the scans regarding Pokemon Platinum other than “The story is different from Diamond and Pearl” and “The Gyms are harder.” The main CoroCoro magazine should come out soon, and will most likely contain additional Platinum information. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans; the third scan is of Pokemon Battrio (a Pokemon arcade game), but we included it anyways because it is part of the magazine’s Pokemon section.

Pokemon Platinum, CoroCoro Special, September 2008 Pokemon Platinum, CoroCoro Special, September 2008 Pokemon Battrio, CoroCoro Special, September 2008

The second scan is where the gold lies. Notice the zig-zag blue electrical-looking line under the silhouettes? It looks just like Rotom’s plasma, electric-shaped arms! Before Shaymin was revealed to have a sky form, it was shown in the main CoroCoro magazine looking up at the sky, obviously foreshadowing that its sky form was coming. The blue electric-shaped line under the silhouettes is most likely hinting that one or more of the silhouettes are related to Rotom; not to mention all of the new Rotom products coming out soon, the hint of Rotom being on a card in the next Japanese set (themed after Platinum), and other various clues.

Bangiras, Heerosferret, and myself will all have Pokemon Platinum in-hand around its release date (September 13th, next Saturday). I do not have school right now (it starts September 25th) and Bangiras is taking online classes, so we will all be covering the game like crazy when it is released. When Diamond and Pearl were released, we made many discoveries and were one of the leading sites covering the games, so we hope to do the same this time around as well! Be sure to check back here for Pokemon Platinum updates and news next week!