K-Values of 2008-09’s Premier Events

According to the Championship Series page on the Pokemon Organized Play website, the K-Values of this season’s premier events are as follows (with last year’s points in parentheses):

  • Battle Roads Autumn – 4 points (07-08: 8 points)
  • City Championships – 16 points
  • State Championships – 32 points
  • Regional Championships – 32 points (07-08: 36 points)
  • Battle Roads Spring – 4 points (07-08: 8 points)
  • National Championship – 32 points (07-08: 44 points)

Most of the K-Values have been relatively lowered, though Cities and States’ remain the same. Participating in States and Regionals is now as important as participating in Nationals, whereas before, Nationals was worth much, much more. Battle Roads’ points have decreased, but in comparison to the decrease in other events, they are about worth the same as last year.

For those of you who do not know what K-Values are, they basically determine how much an event is worth, thus affecting your rankings. You obviously want to participate and perform well in some of the more “worthy” events to increase your standings and to give yourself a better chance of earning an invitation to Worlds.