Good Times :D

Sorry for not updating this past week! I have very good excuses! :D

A few days ago, my brother and I were playing the Wii and he kept beating me in Brawl, so I jumped at him and started to tickle him to death. While tickling him, he accidentally elbowed me in the teeth and bashed my front tooth in. Then, I fell backwards and hit my head on the edge of the coffee table. Instead of getting knocked out, I apparently went completely blind and couldn’t see ANYTHING… not even black (it’s hard to describe). On the way to the emergency room, we found out I was also suffering from amnesia and was literally stuck a year in the past. I couldn’t remember going to my first year of college, to Worlds, to Nationals, getting my driver’s license, etc. It was just like being in the future, though I still did remember the past two weeks and my grandma having died in the past year (that would have been terrible if they had to tell me she passed away).

So anyways, I had to go to an oral surgeon and get my front tooth “knocked back in” position. There is now metal strung through all of my gums to hold the tooth in place and it hurts like heck. The blindness apparently went away after only two hours, and that would have definitely been the scariest part of the whole experience. I still do not remember some of this past year or what happened when and after I hit the table, but the doctors say the year’s events should come back within the next week or so and that it is all just temporary. I have to go back to the doctors a few more times in the next month for check-ups and follow-ups, so we’ll see what happens. I have such a fun life. :)

I’ll begin to post the updates I missed now. I had to read through all of the news archive to “catch up” with the times and figure out where I am. Luckily, some of my internet friends and real-life friends are helping me to remember things from the recent past, so I think I’ll be back to my crazy self soon enough.