False Pokemon Statement Poll

HAHA SUCKAS! The question for the quiz this week was, “In light of all Pokemon franchises, which of the following is NOT true?” It looks like people were evenly divided between the first and last statement (as being wrong), but in actuality, both were completely correct. Only 10% of the people who voted chose the correct answer.

  • “Little boys sometimes wake up as Kadabra.” This is completely true. According to the FireRed and LeafGreen PokeDex entries, “It is rumored that a boy with psychic abilities suddenly transformed into Kadabra while he was assisting research into extrasensory powers.” “It happened one morning – a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into Kadabra.” The original Pokemon Green PokeDex said something similar as well.
  • “Spiritomb and Drifloon are made from spirits.” How could anyone even say this is wrong? Spiritomb is made of 108 malevolent spirits (108 also happens to be its number in the Sinnoh PokeDex, its weight in kilograms, and its Defense and Special Defense stats). “A Pokémon that was formed by 108 spirits. It is bound to a fissure in an Odd Keystone.” Drifloon is “A Pokémon formed by the spirits of people and Pokémon. It loves damp, humid seasons.”
  • “Cresselia and Deoxys originate from space.” This is the false statement. While Deoxys originates from space, no where does it ever say Cresselia does. The only fact we know about Cresselia’s origin is that it lives on Fullmoon Island.
  • “Porygon and Castform were artificially created by humans.” Porygon was created by the Pokemon Lab of Cinnabar Island, while Castform was created by Hoenn’s Weather Institute.
  • “Mewtwo is comprised of the DNA of Mew and Blaine.” – Again, this is true. In Pokemon Special (the most popular Pokemon manga), Blaine extracted DNA from his arm and spliced it with Mew’s embryo to create Mewtwo. The video games also state that Blaine was one of the scientists (along with Mr. Fuji) who were involved in the Mewtwo project… while the story is the same as the manga, the games never state whose DNA Mewtwo’s was spliced with. Essentially, the manga takes the story one step further. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Mewtwo from EX Delta Species is a Fire-type Pokemon? :p Of course, this origin story only applies to the manga and games.

The point of this quiz was to obviously show you some of the more oddball Pokemon facts. “The More You Know!” Now try this week’s poll. It is much easier than previous quizzes, and the answer is blatantly obvious.