Worlds Lost and Found Items

This’ll be the news story for all Worlds lost and found items. So far, we have two success stories. If anyone lost anything else, please e-mail me and I’ll add it to this update. If you also found something that you KNOW is not yours, like a binder of cards, please e-mail me its description so I can forward it to anyone who e-mails me with a similar description. Don’t keep things you KNOW are not yours… how do you think the person who lost it feels?

  • My binder – FOUND!
  • A Giratina / Dialga binder full of IFDS cards – FOUND!
  • A Regigigas mini-binder with Level X’s in it – front page had 2 Garchomp, a Dialga, and a Honchcrow
  • A gray jumper with the company brand “Burburrer” (XD)
  • A Roseanne’s Research reverse holo in a silver Shaymin sleeve, a Worlds 2006 Staff Stamped card inside a green Pokeball sleeve inside a toploader, an Australian Flag (XD)
  • A multi-colored Japanese deck box with Darkrai on it, with at least 3 Kingdra and 2 Froslass inside
  • A gray zip-up Adidas sweater with hoodie and stripes on both sleeves
  • A Cresselia deckbox with Shaymin sleeves with 3 Japanese Yanmega, Bebe’s Searches, Roseanne’s Researches, and other cards