Karma Works!

Yes! Posting stuff on the front page helped! My good friend April saw the previous update and remembered someone who was trying to find the owner of a binder that fit the exact description of mine. So, she contacted the man and he has it! Yesss! I turned in several things throughout the weekend that people left on the tables, so I guess someone was kind enough to do the same thing with my binder (instead of stealing it).

In the meantime, if you lost anything at Worlds, please e-mail me and I’ll post it here. I heard several horror stories of people losing their binders and decks, so hopefully if someone has seen any lost (or stolen) products, they can get in touch with me and I can forward the e-mails to the owners reporting the lost items.

Alternatively, if you FOUND something at Worlds and would like to report it so the original owner can claim it, please e-mail me as well. If you know it’s not yours, don’t keep it. Karma will bite you hard in the butt.

So far, people have lost…

  • A whole set of Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky in a Giratina/Dialga binder.
  • A Nidoran/Nidoqueen mini-binder (I’m going to have to e-mail the guy for a better description)