Did Anyone Find a…

What better place is there than the front page of this site?

Did anyone find one of those 4-card mini Nidoran binders with a ton of Majestic Dawn holos, 2 Japanese Kingdra, 1 Japanese Leafeon LV.X, and several Comic-con promos? I am pretty sure I left it at Worlds or someone “took off” with it when I wasn’t looking. If anyone has seen such a binder or happened to pick it up by accident, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks. The binder is mine and my brother’s, and since we earned the cards from working the Video Game Showdown in Los Angeles and we don’t really buy any cards, it’s the only cards we have for trading other people. So if you have it, even if you stole it, please tell me because I really need it back. ;)

Oh, and if anyone else lost anything, e-mail me and I’ll post it here so everyone can check their stuff.