Future Pokemon Card Art

At every Worlds event, there are always several pieces of card art on display. Sometimes the card art is of cards that have not been released, which usually are seen on cards a few months later (the next Japanese set). For Worlds 2008, there were ten such cards featured. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

It seems as if we are due for a new Birthday Pikachu promo in the future, judging by the first photo. The other cards will probably go into the Galactic’s Conquest set or 2009 Entry Pack, since we know the Entry Pack will feature the Sinnoh starters (two of which are below). Since new card art at Worlds are historically in the next Japanese set, and the next Japanese set is based off Platinum, could Rotom’s presence be hinting at something? We’ll seeeee…

Side note: It looks like Ken Sugimori is practicing a new card art style instead of his typical “stock Pokemon footage placed over blurred photograph.” He already started to change his style in the past few sets with his Trainer artwork, as seen on cards like Fieldworker and Cynthia’s Feelings, and it appears he is going even further now with his Pokemon artwork.

Birthday Pikachu? Psyduck Rotom Infernape Ninetales Raichu Piplup Buneary Cherubi Chatot