Worlds 2008 Competitor’s Package

Everyone invited to Worlds or who made it through the Grinders received a competitor’s bag, which came with a special Worlds 2008 hat, t-shirt, binder, and towel; a Poke Ball playing mat; a blow-up Poke Ball (which could be a Great Ball or Ultra Ball); a Pokemon figure; various international booster packs; pencils and stickers; deck boxes, deck sleeves; and of course the typical set of Tropical Wind promos stamped with “Worlds 08.” Click the thumbnails below for larger photos. Thanks go to Jason for providing his competitor package for the below photos.

Worlds 2008 Competitor's Bag Worlds 2008 Competitor's Hat Worlds 2008 Competitor's Mat Worlds 2008 Competitor's T-Shirt Worlds 2008 Competitor's Bag