Redshark ‘Legends Awakened’ Release

Redshark now has Legends Awakened built-in, in addition to a couple of new and improved features. Right click this link and click “Save Link As” or something similar (depending on your browser) to download the installer to your computer. New features include…

  • “Turn Counter” and associated “Start Turn” and “End Turn” playmat buttons
  • Improved shuffling algorithm
  • Drag-n-Drop with Shift key pressed results in playing a card facedown on the playmat
  • New Trainer menu items: Cynthia’s Feelings, Poke Radar

Redshark is a free, fan-made TCG program that allows you to practice the Pokemon TCG on the computer against yourself or opponents. It is a great way to test your decks when you are not at League or cannot meet with your friends. If you’ve never used it or used an early beta version, you should try it out!