Jason Klaczynski’s Worlds 2008 Report

Jason Klaczynski Wins Worlds 2008

Jason Klaczynski has submitted his Worlds report to us, and you can read it by [clicking here]. In case you have been living on Pluto or in another dimension, he won Worlds 2008 with his Gardevoir/Gallade deck, making this his second Worlds victory. It’s insane how someone can become a World Champion twice (possibly even three times if you take into account his Tropical Mega Battle win), so you should definitely check out his report to see how he did it! The report analyzes his deck list, decisions, and matches.

Yesterday, I started an interview with Jason about his win and we will finish it tomorrow. It’ll be posted either tomorrow or the day after. I’ll also post the photos I took at Worlds within the next two days, so be sure to check back!