Shaymin’s Sky Forme Officially Revealed… Accidentally

Nana wouldn’t want me to roll over and be depressed for the rest of my life… she’d want me to live my life and be happy.

Shaymin's Sky Forme revealed on a Pokemon beverage cup Shaymin’s Sky “Forme” was accidentally revealed this morning on the official Japanese Pokemon website through a Pokemon Festa page. As if the webmasters recognized they revealed something they should not have, the entire page was deleted. Luckily, the Pokemon blogs “All About Pokemon Figures” and “blue skY” were able to find a copy of the page to provide everyone with this news story and its information.

Pokemon Festa is a large Pokemon convention in Japan and features many Pokemon-themed items and merchandise. In one of the photos presented on the deleted page, a plastic Pokemon-themed beverage cup was shown with several Pokemon, including one that appears to be the new flying forme of Shaymin (click the cropped photo to the right for a larger image; Shaymin is circled in the thumbnail). The Pokemon is similar to the description given by the printing company worker a few weeks ago; it looks like a “failed Eevee evolution” mixed in with the structure of a Delcatty. It is obviously the flying forme of Shaymin.

It should be noted that this flying forme has white flowers instead of pink, red wings (apparently), and its color scheme resembles Abomasnow. What’s with the “icy” / Christmas look? I suppose we will find out when the Pokemon debuts in Giratina and the Icy Sky’s Bouquet, Shaymin on July 19th. Heerosferret, our new Japanese correspondent, will be attending the movie’s premiere to provide us with a summary and media from the event.