Redshark Version 2.15

No Pokemon news + hot weather + being sick + anime research paper that I got an extension on before school ended + Nationals preparation + nana sorrow + Modified Card-Dex work + house landscaping =lack of updates.

Redshark version 2.15 is now out. You can download it by clicking here. This new version features some “user friendly” enhancements. While the installer file is downloading, you can read a list of changes below:


  • Added Sort & View to discard pile popup menu (alphabetical sort)
  • Added Sort to Hand popup menu (alphabetical sort)
  • New playmat image button to Apply 10 damage to my benched Pokemon
  • New playmat image button to Apply 10 damage to all my Pokemon
  • In New Game window, use Combo-box for deck selection
  • View bottom 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 cards of deck
  • Added ‘Place in Hands-Off Zone’ to hand popup menu
  • Show mouse hover-text for Action-box attacks & powers

Network Play

  • Added “Favorite Host IP addresses” in Prefs (makes selecting network opponents easier)
  • Added End Turn – A and End Turn – B buttons to Message Builder area
  • Send coin flip & shuffle sound effects
  • Show shuffle and coin flip messages in bold text (cheating deterrent)

Bug Fixes

  • Show error if deck file cannot be written
  • When moving a card from your hand to your deck, ensure it gets updated on your network opponent’s screen (network mode only).

Card Database

  • Added Darkrai promo (DP24)
  • Fixed some minor typos and errors

Please note that you must first uninstall any previous versions of Redshark to install the new one. To do this, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (in Vista, this is now called “Programs and Features”). Find Redshark, highlight it, then click “Uninstall.” Your deck files will not be deleted. Once it has uninstalled, run the installer file you just downloaded.