DP22 and DP23 Mime Jr. and Glameow Scans

Thanks to Omahanime, we have scans of new Mime Jr. and Glameow Diamond and Pearl promos (both reprints of the Diamond and Pearl Mime Jr. and Glameow, but with different artwork and as holos). Mime Jr.’s existence was announced back in April, but both it and Glameow are only now starting to make their way to stores like Target. Each promo comes separately in a three-pack blister package featuring two Majestic Dawn and one EX Dragon Frontier booster pack. Each package also comes with a special Lucario coin. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans.

Mime Jr., a Diamond and Pearl promo (DP22)Glameow, a Diamond and Pearl promo (DP23)

We should have all of our promo lists and scans up within the next two or three weeks. I know they were supposed to go up last summer (at least I think I said they would), but I have a good feeling about this summer.

As of now, these are all of the Diamond and Pearl promos that have been released. The only promo that is not a reprint of an existing card is Darkrai.

  • DP01 – Turtwig
  • DP02 – Chimchar
  • DP03 – Piplup
  • DP04 – Pachirisu
  • DP05 – Tropical Wind
  • DP06 – Buneary
  • DP07 – Cranidos
  • DP08 – Shieldon
  • DP09 – Torterra LV.X
  • DP10 – Infernape LV.X
  • DP11 – Empoleon LV.X
  • DP12 – Lucario LV.X
  • DP13 – Buizel
  • DP14 – Chatot
  • DP15 – Shinx
  • DP16 – Pikachu
  • DP17 – Dialga LV.X
  • DP18 – Palkia LV.X
  • DP19 – Darkrai LV.X
  • DP20 – Magmortar
  • DP21 – Raichu
  • DP22 – Mime Jr.
  • DP23 – Glameow
  • DP24 – Darkrai
  • DP24 – Darkrai (Jumbo)