“IFDS” Set Lists and Info

We now have an Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky set page (you can access it in “Japanese Spoiler Translations” under “T.C.G.” in the left menu). It contains all card translations that have been posted here, and will include everything else related to the set when I have time to add it all.

The set list for Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky and its theme decks were released today, and Kirbypopstarhero has translated them for us. You can find the lists on the above page. The six Level X’s in the set are Shaymin, Regigigas, Machamp, Dusknoir, Raichu, and Heatran.

It is of interest to note that almost everything from this previous news story about new changes to the card game has come true. The only aspects that have not been confirmed is that three Base Set Pokemon will be reprinted in this set with their old card templates, and that there will be shiny Pokemon. The first unconfirmed aspect may have just been confirmed, though.

If you look at the main set list, you will see that card numbers 90, 91, and 92 are question marks, meaning those cards are secret for now. Could these be the three Base Set Pokemon? The strongest evidence to suggest that the three cards will be Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur (or at least Charizard) is the fact that Charizard is on the set’s booster pack, yet if you look at the set list, it’s not in the set. So, Charizard from Base Set is most likely in this set. Will we get the legendary Rain Dance Blastoise as well? Venusaur? Charmander and Charmeleon? We’ll see…