Yesterday’s Sky Form Image of Shaymin is Fake

PurpleKecleon, a popular fan artist in the Pokemon community (and the fan artist for Meowth346’s old Pokemon Forever website), has admitted to creating the Shaymin image; she drew it using the description from the printing company’s blog the other day.

Apparently, she posted it on a public Japanese image board, and then it made its way around the internet and eventually here. That was her finger in the photo, pointing to Shaymin. Her talent has lead many to believe her creations were of real Pokemon in the past, and her Ken Sugimori artwork is the best I have ever seen. I was so fooled by the quality of the image that I at first posted it was real, but then I made my post more cautionary after considering I did not know where it was from. I suppose I should be more cautious in the future from the get-go, especially with such talented fan artists in the Pokemon community. Props to her, though, for creating excitement among fans – most fakes aren’t very good, and it is not often one of such quality makes its way around the community and is the point of discussion among everyone. No offense to her design, but I personally was dreading that this would be a new Pokemon – it looked too much like one of those “My Little Pony” dolls. She still did an awesome job in emulating Sugimori’s style, though! Very impressive.

Shaymin’s sky form will probably be revealed in the June or July issue of CoroCoro, and when it is, we will hopefully have a *real* scan here! Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky: Shaymin will be out in July after all, so Shaymin’s form should be revealed soon.