Darkrai Toys R Us Event Details

Update: Tor-Chic has sent us photos of an in-store Darkrai poster, the coupon, and the type chart (which has a hologram on the front of Dialga and Palkia; it seems quite handy). Click the thumbnails below for larger images. It should be noted that the $5.00-off-a-DS-game coupon can only be used the two days of the Darkrai event.

Tor-Chic, a Toys R Us employee, has sent us information about the Darkrai event, which will occur next Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:00 PM. There is almost no difference between the Toys R Us Darkrai and the Japanese one given away last year at the theatrical release of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, except that the Japanese one says it was obtained from “Pokemon Movie 07,” while the Toys R Us one says it came from a “Pokemon Event.”

Darkrai DP Promo #24Darkrai (Lv. 50 in Cherish Ball) @ Enigma Berry
OT: Alamos
~ Roar of Time
~ Spacial Rend
~ Nightmare
~ Hypnosis

It’s just like the Darkrai promo (pictured right), which was also given out at the 10th movie in Japan. I am sure the Darkrai Premium Box, the 10th movie DVD, and other Darkrai / Pokemon merchandise will be set out for fans to beg their parents to buy. :D

Darkrai is given away through Mystery Gift (named “The Rise of Darkrai”), like with Manaphy last September. Once you receive Darkrai, you can’t get another through the Toys R Us Mystery Gift. You will have to claim it at the Mart, so you can soft-reset your game until you get a Darkrai that is to your satisfaction. The instructions given out at Toys R Us for downloading it also state that Darkrai cannot be traded over the Global Trade Station.

In addition to the Darkrai download, you will receive a coupon for $5.00 off any DS game. An elemental type chart will also be distributed, which shows how each Pokemon type performs against other types.

Tor-Chic was also told that because the Manaphy event was extremely successful across Toys R Us stores (despite the fact that players had access to one in Pokemon Ranger), Toys R Us decided to hold another Pokemon event (this event). Pokemon’s popularity is still going, obviously!

Darkrai poster at Toys R Us explaining Mystery Gift $5.00-off-DS-game coupon The type chart players will receive The front of the type chart: a hologram of Dialga and Palkia