Next Japanese Set: Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky

The next Japanese TCG set is named Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky and will hit shelves on July 10th in Japan. It will feature six LV.X cards.

Known Pokemon to be in the set are Shaymin, Giratina, Dialga, Empoleon, Torterra, and Infernape (the first two will probably be LV.X’s). Empoleon, Torterra, and Infernape will appear in the set as their second Gameboy elemental types (Metal, Ground, Fighting). In the TCG, those translate to a Metal-type Empoleon, a Fighting-type Torterra, and a Fighting-type Infernape. Like with EX Legend Maker and DP3: Shining Darkness, the set is themed after the next Pokemon movie, which is in this case Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky: Shaymin. Thus, Pokemon who appear in the movie will probably appear in the set.

The theme deck package for the set is named Giratina vs. Dialga, and features two 30-card theme decks centered around the two Pokemon.

There is limited information right now, but more should be coming soon! This is the first set of the new TCG block (DP5 was the last Japanese Diamond and Pearl set), so there are bound to be design changes to the cards.