Third TFG Set Preview and Groundbreakers Release

Third Pokemon TFG Set Preview

The official Pokemon Trading Figure Game website has posted an image of ten figures from the third TFG set, which as of yet has no name. The set will be released in 2009. Click the image to the right for a larger photo. Some of the Pokemon in the third set include Seviper, Magnemite, Aipom, Gyarados, Flareon, Snorlax, Croconaw, Diglett, and Tyranitar, while Lieutenant Surge is confirmed as one of the human figures.

The article in which the photo is posted also confirms that Groundbreakers, the second Pokemon TFG set, is set for release sometime this fall (this date has now been added to the 2008 calendar in the right menu for future reference). Originally, Groundbreakers was set for release late last year, with some stores like Wal-Mart even receiving the actual figures, but the date was pushed back several times. Some stores still have the figures in stock, so you can essentially buy them months before the set is officially released.

Will Pokemon USA start supporting the TFG at the tournament scene? It seems like the entire TFG has been neglected since it was first announced, perhaps due to poor planning, but it looks like the situation is starting to shape up with the release of this third set. The future success or failure of the TFG remains unknown at this point however, especially if there will be huge gaps between the release of each set.