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SSBB Poke Ball Item Descriptions – The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website has posted a convenient page with information on what each Poke Ball item Pokemon does in the game, along with pictures. Most people who own Brawl probably know the effects of each Pokemon, but if you do not, there you go!

EX Dragon Frontiers BoxEX Dragon Frontiers Deck Box – Someone on eBay has placed up a very rare EX Dragon Frontiers deck box for auction. These deck boxes were originally set to be given out at EX Dragon Frontiers prereleases, but because they would have arrived late to America from the manufacturer (based in China), POP refused to receive them and the product was apparently destroyed. A couple have been spotted in the past, and some people that I even know own one, so obviously, some did make it to America. Thanks go to DukeFireBird for the heads up on this story!

Apprentice Downloads – Many people have e-mailed me saying the Apprentice downloads are not working, so after some investigation, the problem is now fixed! Go to the Apprentice page to re-download the program or patch if you were having problems previously.

Alternatively, you can also download Redshark.