WPM’s problems of the week: 1) Finals! 2) Our stupid host, Dreamhost, is giving me unnecessary trouble about our “CPU usage,” so the forums are down for now. 3) My laptop is inches from death… I’m lucky if it starts and doesn’t freeze up. 4) I am going to switch webhosts over the weekend because Dreamhost is, so we may experience downtime for a while. 5) That new layout / system I started a year ago is on hiatus until the hosting problems are resolved.

If I just dropped the internet, life would be so much better. :p

English D/P Set Confusion – I received many questions last week about what America’s DP sets will consist of, so hopefully I can clear up some confusion.

Majestic Dawn, America’s “hodge-podge” set, will consist of unreleased cards from [Japan’s DP4] and all of [Japan’s Entry Pack 2008] cards. We have most of the card’s from Japan’s DP4 in our DP4, but a good chunk of them was not released (Fossils, Eeveelutions, Kanto legendary birds, Garchomp LV.X, Phione, etc.), so we can assume they will be in our DP5. Since America’s DP5 is too small with just these “left out” Japanese DP4 cards, we can quickly come to the assumption that Japan’s Entry Pack 2008 will help fill it up (perhaps with some random promos and several cards from Japan’s DP5 thrown in).

[Cry from the Mysterious, Temple of Anger] (Japan’s DP5 set) is America’s DP6 set, and will have its prereleases in August. Thus, we probably will not see a majority of cards from this set for half a year.

Disclaimer: Nothing above is known for sure to happen, but based on history and what we know of Pokemon USA’s practices, everything described above is probably the case.

And now for the news I missed in the past few days because of finals studying…

Pokemon TFG Now Supported at League – Mike Liesik, the head of Pokemon Organized Play, announced on the POP forums a few days ago that the Pokemon TFG will now count for points at Pokemon League:

I just got the go ahead from the brass to officially allow TFG games to count for League points. It’s likely that some of you are already doing this, but I just wanted to make it clear that it is now officially approved. Officially.

Organized play for the TFG is still under development from what we know, but this is a good step in the right direction in making the TFG one of the main mediums of Pokemon!

You can view our image gallery of Next Quest, the first TFG set, by clicking here.