The Rise of Darkrai – “To the Space-Time Tower” Music

In Celebration of the 10th Movie… – I will be posting a few tracks from the soundtrack of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai until it plays on Cartoon Network, like I did with the past few movies until they were released on DVD! This way, you can get excited about the movie and hear some of the music beforehand! I think I already posted some of the film’s tracks back in July when I reviewed its score, but I do not remember which I posted. Most of the film’s tracks were written by Shinji Miyazaki, the main composer for the television show’s background music and for the movies’ music.

To the Space-Time TowerMinor plot spoilers: The song available for download today is To the Space-Time Tower. It plays when Alice is attempting to locate the Oración record and on the way to placing it in to the Space-Time Tower (hopefully “Oración” will keep the same name in the dub). The song first features the Oración tune, then moves on to a “hopeful” mood as Ash and crew attempt to fly up to the top of the tower in Alice’s hot-air balloon to play the record. In the process, the city is being evacuated because of Dialga and Palkia fighting (Dialga uses Roar of Time and Draco Meteor, while Palkia uses some sort of pink-ball attack that is probably a variation of Spacial Rend). The song ends upon Alice jumping off her hot-air balloon because of the heavy damage it received from Dialga’s Draco Meteor, since it would have crashed and killed her otherwise (Team Rocket’s balloon has crashed many times before and they have survived, but I guess Alice is just weaker). Darkrai is also featured in the time span of the song, defending the balloon from Dialga’s Roar of Time (similar to Lugia defending Ash and crew as they traveled to Ice Island to retrieve the last glass ball).

To the Space-Time Tower – 4:10
[Download] (6.80 MBs)

The Rise of Darkrai (Japanese: Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai) will play this Sunday on Cartoon Network from 7:00 to 9:00 PM only ONCE. The release date for the DVD has yet to be announced (HEY! PUSA! Hurry up and tell us so some of the little kiddies can save up their money to buy it when it comes out!).