To the Original World

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To the Original WorldTo the Original World – The second song available for download this week is titled “To the Original World.” It plays toward the end of the movie.

To the Original World – 1:20
[Download] (2.25 MBs)

Spoilers: The song plays after Ash literally (yes, literally!) calls Palkia an idiot – the same Palkia that helped destroy the entire town and the same growling Palkia that is floating right above him – and I am sure the line will be changed in the dub because of its bluntness. After hearing Ash insult it and Dawn plead with it to restore the city, Palkia covers the entire city in its “pinkness,” packs it up into a swirly flow of energy, and literally fits the city right back in to where it was ripped from in the normal dimension (instead of tearing Ash’s head off, but I suppose Palkia realizes that it pulled these innocent humans into a serious fight without thinking of its actions, or something like that, and that it must restore what it destroyed). What, you thought the city would stay destroyed in the Unown dimension and all its inhabitants gone forever? Everything that was absorbed by the “purpleness” when Dialga and Palkia were fighting is restored, and the movie draws to a close. The actual song you hear here is abridged when it plays in the movie, so there is one small “verse” that you do not hear in the particular scene.